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Mark "Idea Man" Miller

History: The Cam started around 1996 when I worked in Colorado Springs at 6000 ft and live near Woodland Park in a former Mom and Pop Ski resort called Holiday Hills.  At 10000 ft or so it could be raining or even sunny in the Springs and dumping a couple feet of snow at the house.  After getting stuck coming up the pass a couple times I decided to build a simple "email me a pic" system of the back yard during suspect days.  Running on Windows 95 and a dial up modem it was occasionally a help for weather spotting. As time went on it grew to an automated Cam with weather reporting and of course a simple web with pics of the local area.  Hard to believe it has been over 10 years!

And then: A couple years after starting the Cam we got stationed in Hawaii where I ran the Pearl Harbor Web Cam featuring live streaming video of the Arizona Memorial for over 5 years.  During that time the Aloha Cam captured not one flake of snow? 


Meanwhile Mr. Scott Vann  dutifully kept the Pikes Peak Cam running while I was away. 


 In 2006, DOHC was only a single Cam so I added the MT-Bross Cam with weather - another 14er near Breckenridge.  It lives on a 9.6 dial up and sets at over 11,000 ft so don't be disappointed  if you don't see a recent pic.