23 April 2007 Wow been a long time since I updated!  Moved servers this year still having problems with DHTML.   Am in process of removing so photo gallery woks again.  Fixed most items since move but lost some capability.
Sometime in 2006 Added weather info.
26 December 2004 Ok it has been a while since last update.  Today we have added  Live weather updates to the site.   Will try and fill in the blanks later for the last 5 years.
11 October 1999 Added the last few shots galleries.  Hope this works, I've had a little trouble with picture #8.  This should provide a history of what's happened today.
08 August 1999 Another new look and feel for the Devils Playground.  All photo galleries are re-organized and new DHTML effects have been added.  Also split page into High and Low bandwidth.
21 July 1999 I've added a link to a friends new Internet Classified Site. Please do him a favor and check out his stuff. Also if you have something to sell, give him a try
15 June - 21 July We've been experiencing problems updating out web page due to the service or lack thereof provided by US West Communications. The phone line was literally down for a few days. I hope this is finally resolved, but please be patient if you don't see updates
03 April No it wasn't an April fools joke, our cam (in fact all of dohc) was down due to our web provider thinking we had been hacking their systems.  I don't know why they think this, but Mark did a little fancy talking and convinced them to give us our access back.  So, we are officially back up.   Sorry we were down during one of the biggest snow storms I've seen since I've been here!
21 February Hey, we finally have a new look!   I spent the weekend putting together a new look and feel for DP.  I've re-organized our pages, and made a new About Us page (it even has pictures of our ugly mugs on it).  I'm working on the background images (trying to make them fill up the screen).  Also I want to rework the nav-bar with something better, but for now its here.
20 November 1999 We left Geocities.  Geocities is just too slow, and we wanted to get our own Domain Name.  DOHC.com (Dual Overhead Cams) is our new home on Webaxxs.  We have more room, and the server is much more reliable and responsive
Some time in 1998 Mark made a new photo gallery, also finally added our Really rough South Park pictorial