By far the best (and most affordable) webcam software available.  We've only had great experiences with these guys, please check them out!
A nice webcam index that has been kind enough to include us.
Colorado Springs Tourism Page A terrific site to let you know more about the Pikes Peak region.  Also they've been very kind to put our camera back to back with Softronics. 
Gates 96 Cam Page One of the first sites to link to us!
Colorado Springs Gazette Although they continue to ignore us in their best of issue, they are our local paper, so here's the link.
Internet Classifieds A friend of mine is trying to make a buck.  He needs it.  Please stop by and advertise.
  Softronics The other Pikes Peak Cam.  They've actually trademarked it.  Even though they are considerably lower (6500 vs. 9650 ft) they're still worth a look.